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Who We Are

1nHealth is a digital tech company that partners with CROs, sponsors and sites to provide subject recruitment for clinical research. 1nHealth uses a combination of digital best practices, industry relationships and proprietary algorithms to achieve a singular outcome: studies that are fully recruited, on time and on budget.

1nHealth began as a team of digital marketing experts under the 1nHealth parent company, SPRIM. This team conducted subject recruitment and quickly realized its results outperformed the results provided by competitive bids. The team analyzed their formulas for success and created proprietary algorithms for more efficient and effective recruitment, as opposed to legacy approaches. This, plus groundbreaking insights, became the genesis for 1nHealth.

Our 1nPhilosophy

In a typical protocol, there’s a number specified for recruitment (n=). Typically, this target number is seen as a subset of the population, a group needed in order to fulfill study requirements. 1nHealth’s thinking is different. We focus on individuals, customizing our outreach to uniquely target each person.

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Recruited in Q1 of 2019

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Across multiple therapeutic areas

Why 1nHealth?

With our proprietary platform, we can conduct precise targeting, like never seen before. 

-Takes millions of consumer behaviors and ties them together through the lens of the protocol.

-Generates a rich, accurate view of each and every individual consumer we target.

-Micro-targets small hard-to-find patient populations.

-Targets people, not channels.

-Delivers qualified subjects no one else is targeting.

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Qualified Subjects. Lower Cost. Faster Timeline.

1nHealth can customize its proprietary algorithm to fit the precise needs
of your clinical study. Put it to the test today.


1nHealth is a digital technology company that partners with CROs, sponsors and sites to provide precision subject recruitment.

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