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1nHealth: Outsider perspective, insider impact.

1nHealth’s mission is to advance human health by filling up clinical research studies faster than anyone thought possible—while being great humans to clients, to each other, and to patients around the world.

We’re a diverse team of talented people with pharmaceutical, technology, and business backgrounds, shaped by CEO Dan Brenner’s insistence that we only hire smart, passionate people who align themselves with our purpose.

Our name.

In a protocol, there’s a number specified for recruitment (n=). This target number is seen as a subset of the population, a group needed to fulfill study requirements.

1nHealth’s thinking is different. We believe patient-centric recruitment doesn’t start at clinical research sites. It begins the moment an individual sees a research opportunity. We exist to make that moment more human, resulting in increased study participation.

Our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

DEI—or diversity, equity, and inclusion—is a key component for any clinical research trial. The more diverse your participants, the more applicable your findings will be to the broader population. We carry this out by committing ourselves to the following principles:

  • Including all people, regardless of age, race, ethnicity, sex, gender, ability, physical or mental health status, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, socioeconomic status, or other sociodemographic factors.
  • Addressing issues of health inequalities and safety through education.
  • Working with our clients and partners to promote and protect public health.
  • Incorporating DEI into our patient recruitment methods.
  • Growing our strategies and processes to ensure DEI in our external services and our internal policies.

Meet the Team

Dan Brenner

Founder & CEO

Nakisha Muhammad


Steve Wimmer

VP of Partnerships

Jerry Hunley

Head of Recruitment Strategy

Kimberly Richardson

Senior IT Project Manager

Angela Scocchera

Senior Director of Project Management & Operations

Courtney Donlan

Digital Recruitment Specialist

Victor Borrego

Digital Recruitment Specialist

Theresa Deike

Project Manager

Alyssa Beck

Manager of Sales Operations

Christine Yawnick

Senior Manager, Finance & Accounting

Cedric Twille

Software Developer

Tanya Haller

Senior Manager, Culture & Talent

Helen Buhai

Business Development Associate