Announcement: Assessing Drug Safety Among Liver Disease Patients

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Medications taken orally pass through the liver, where drug metabolism takes place. During drug development, an importance is placed on testing to ensure that liver damage does not occur during the breakdown process. In this way, drugs are brought to market that are safe even for those diagnosed with liver disease.

1nHealth is currently recruiting late-stage liver disease patients for a clinical trial tasked with confirming the safety of an investigational drug. Continue reading to see if you may qualify for the study.


There are four primary stages to liver disease, for this study the 1nHealth team is recruiting participants who have been diagnosed with NASH or cirrhosis. Review the four stages of liver disease below:

  • Inflammation – Enlargement of the liver is typically a sign of abundant amounts of fat in the liver, excessive prevalence of toxins, or the development of liver hepatitis. If diagnosed at this stage, regression of liver damage is a possibility.
  • Fibrosis – When left untreated, inflammation can result in fibrosis, or scarring in the liver. Fibrosis significantly reduces overall liver function and can limit blood flow, ultimately leading to the creation of additional scar tissue. At this stage, the liver can still regenerate if given proper treatment.
  • Cirrhosis – Upon development of cirrhosis, the liver can no longer heal itself. The build up of scar tissue has led to permanent damage, thus limiting liver function and increasing likelihood of bacterial infection, liver failure, or the development of liver cancer. Treatments of cirrhosis prevent progression of scaring, however there is no known cure for the disease.
  • Liver Failure – At this stage the liver ceases functioning properly due to accumulated damage and becomes life threatening. Chronic failure happens gradually, while acute liver failure can occur within days or weeks. At this stage, a liver transplant may be necessary as treatment options are limited.

What to Expect

What is to be expected from this clinical trial for which 1nHealth is currently recruiting?

Participants will receive expert care in a safe, monitored environment. All investigational testing services to be conducted by the study team are considered FDA-approved and will contribute to the progression of medical knowledge and the development of medicine. The study requires one or more visits to a physical site location for physical assessment (including bloodwork), and participants may be asked to consume an investigational medication.

Study Specifics

Recruitment for this clinical trial currently calls for male/female participants, ages 18 to 75, living within a 200-mile radius of Minneapolis, MN. Compensation of up to $3000 is available for those who complete the clinical trial while demonstrating protocol compliance.

Applying to the study is straightforward, quick, and painless. All you’ll need is access to a reliable internet connection in order to register and complete a brief survey. If you qualify, a member of our study team will contact you to schedule a visit to your nearest clinic location.

To get started click here.

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