Announcement: Verifying Drug Safety in Kidney Disease Patients

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The kidneys play a defining role in the removal of drugs from the human body. This is primarily accomplished via a series of processes that allow for waste and toxins to be eliminated through the urine. It is important to measure effects on the kidney during drug development, as poorly functioning kidneys can cause medicines to accumulate in the body. In addition, certain medications are known to cause kidney damage or inhibit kidney function. Patients with kidney disease may be required to forgo such medications in favor of a safer treatment option.

1nHealth is currently recruiting for a clinical trial designed to measure the safety of an investigational new drug among kidney disease patients. Click here to apply

Stages of Kidney Disease

Before assessing the different stages of chronic kidney disease (CKD), it is useful to understand how the level of renal function is determined. The glomerular filtration rate (GFR) test is tasked with judging how well the kidneys filter blood, ultimately resulting in the elimination of waste and toxins. GFR scores are calculated based on an individual’s size, age, sex, and race – in comparison to serum creatinine levels. Quite simply, a lower GFR score (60 or below) can be attributed to poorly functioning kidneys, and in some cases, CKD. For this study the 1nHealth team is recruiting late-stage CKD patients who have a GFR score of 30 (or below), and have not undergone any form of dialysis treatment or organ transplant.

The following table examines the five stages of CKD:

Benefits to Participants

Potential participants can expect the following benefits from this upcoming clinical trial:

  • Expert care in a safe, monitored environment.
  • Fair compensation: Compensation of up to $3000 is available for those who complete the clinical trial while demonstrating protocol compliance.
  • Advancement of medicine: All investigational testing services to be conducted by the study team are considered FDA-approved and will contribute to the progression of medical knowledge and the development of medicine.


Study Specifics: Participation Requirements

The 1nHealth team is recruiting for male/female participants, ages 18 to 80, living within a 200-mile radius of Minneapolis, MN. The study requires one or more visits to a physical site location for physical assessment (including bloodwork), and participants may be asked to consume an investigational medication. Potential participants cannot have not undergone any form of dialysis treatment or organ transplant.

Applying to the study is straightforward, quick, and painless. All you’ll need is access to a reliable internet connection in order to register and complete a brief survey. If you qualify, a member of our study team will contact you to schedule a visit to your nearest clinic location.


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