Case Studies

Case Study: 3x Cheaper, 3x Faster

12 Week Dietary Supplement Study for men with BPH symptoms: 1NH Saves Recruitment Timeline

More Efficient Targeting

73% cheaper per enrolled subject

More Engaged Qualifiers

3x faster enrollment

 Cost per Qualified LeadInclusion/Exclusion Form CompletionCost per Enrolled Subject
Recruitment Days per Enrolled Subject
Traditional Recruitment$145%$3453.5

Net result: Study hit enrollment timeline

Case Study: 2x Cheaper, 2x Engagement

12 Week Dietary Supplement Interventional, Limited Sites, Complex I/E

 Cost per LeadEnrollment RateCost per Enrollment
Optimized Campaign$13.411.5%$643.64

More Engaged Qualifiers

2x Enrollment Rate Per Lead

~50% Less Expensive Per Enrollment

More Efficient Targeting

~35% Less Costly Per Lead

No Target Overlap with Legacy Campaign

Net Result: 1NH Methodology accelerated behind-schedule recruitment to on-time enrollment closure

We’ve proven the model across a wide range of indications and populations

1nHealth Areas of Expertise: Pediatric Observational
1nHealth Areas of Expertise: CPG GI Interventional
1nHealth Areas of Expertise: Rx Pediatric home injection observational
1nHealth Areas of Expertise: Phase III Parkinson's Disease Interventional
1nHealth Areas of Expertise: DS Men’s Health interventional
1nHealth Areas of Expertise: MS Phase III Interventional
1nHealth Areas of Expertise: CPG pre-hypertensive interventional
1nHealth Areas of Expertise: DS Women’s Health interventional

Need help and need it quickly?

We’re experienced at stepping up once recruitment has already begun. We input your criteria and customize our algorithm to optimize for conversions, providing you with qualified subjects in a matter of days.


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