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Here’s what you should know:

You may receive up to $3,500 USD for your participation + travel reimbursement

You may help advance science around sleep disturbances with menopause

And, your health status will be closely checked during the study

What’s involved?

  • 3 separate two-night stays at a sleep center, for a total of 6 nights
  • 5 total in-person visits to your local study site
  • 12 weeks taking the investigational medication, or placebo

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the investigational medication?

The investigational medication is called elinzanetant. 2 capsules are taken once per day at night. It’s an investigational medication that’s being evaluated to see if it may help improve sleep disturbances for menopausal women.

How long is the clinical study?

The clinical study is about 23 weeks long. For 12 of those weeks, you’ll take the investigational medication or the placebo.

Will everyone get the investigational medication?

Some participants will take an inactive placebo. You’ll have a 50% chance of being in the placebo group, and a 50% chance of being in the investigational medication group. Both groups will receive the same compensation.

Can I have more information about the clinical study?

This study is called the NIRVANA clinical sleep study. The goal of the clinical study is to see if elinzanetant works to treat sleep disturbances for menopausal women.

Are there any benefits of taking part in this study?

It is not guaranteed that you will receive any benefit from taking the study drug.