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Facts About Colon Cancer

A Growing Problem

Colorectal cancer is the second-leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States.¹

Yearly Statistics for Colorectal Cancer in the US¹


Often Avoided

According to the CDC, one in three people are not up to date on their recommended colorectal cancer screenings.²

One In Three People are Not up to Date on screenings²


Early Detection May Save Lives

Early detection of colorectal cancer can save a person’s life. The 5-year survival rate after detection and treatment of early-stage colorectal cancer can be as high as 90%.³

5 Year Survival in Early Stages

For more information, visit the official link for this study.

Why Should I Participate in the BLUE-C study?

Your participation in this study will help test new technology for detecting colorectal cancer. Each participant helps bring the world one step closer to having more non-invasive colorectal cancer screening options.

Why Does This Matter?

Early detection is key to effectively treating colorectal cancer. So, what’s the problem? Many adults do not stay up to date with their recommended colorectal cancer screenings, leaving them at risk. Creating an easier, less invasive method may help increase colorectal cancer screenings leading to fewer yearly deaths from late-stage colorectal cancer that possibly could have been treated.

About The Sponsor

Exact Sciences is changing the way the world thinks about screening and detecting cancer. As a leader in non-invasive cancer screening, they are committed to providing earlier answers which may lead to life-changing treatment options.

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You’ll provide informed consent, you’ll be asked to fill out some questionnaires, a stool kit will be sent to your home, you’ll have the option to participate in a blood collection sub-study, then, Colonoscopy time! You may be compensated up to $575 for successful participation in the study and will be helping to advance colorectal cancer research.

Frequently asked questions

A clinical trial is a research study to evaluate medical, surgical, or behavioral interventions. In this study, there is no intervention; what is being evaluated is a new type of non-invasive colorectal cancer screening.

No. Personal information is private and protected, only accessible to those very few with access in order to enroll you in the study applied for. Information is not sold to third parties or given to sponsors.