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PLEASE NOTE: Your decision about being contacted for future studies will not impact your opportunity to participate in the current study.

Why Should I Participate in the OAB Study?

Your participation in this study will help test new technology for treating overactive bladder. The NiNA system is an alternative to traditional medication for OAB and could work better! Participation may help reduce incontinence, urges, and nighttime bathroom visits.

Why Does This Matter?

Life shouldn’t be ruled by how many trips you take to the bathroom. This study not only fits into your life by offering an at-home treatment solution, but could give you the power to be spontaneous again without having to worry about the next bathroom visit.

What Will I Have to Do?

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If qualified, one of our staff members will contact you to guide you through the enrollment process of the study.

Be PArt Of It

Complete treatment sessions using the NiNA system and download the study application to track your progress. You may be assigned to a control group using traditional medication, but you will still have the option to try the device upon completing the study period.

Frequently asked questions

A clinical trial is a research study to evaluate medical, surgical, or behavioral interventions. In this study, what is being evaluated is a new non-invasive medical device for treating OAB.

No. Personal information is private and protected, and only accessible to a few people designated with access in order to enroll you in the study applied for. Information is not sold to third parties or given to sponsors.

The NiNA system works by applying concentrated stimulation to the Saphenous nerve, located in the calf region. The device is about the size of a computer mouse and fits in a flexible wrap that makes it easy to put on and take off, while the study app allows you to control the device at the touch of a button. Participants using the device will be provided training material on how to use the device and Apps.

Yes, if you are assigned into the control group, at the end of the 12-week period you will have the option to try the NiNA system.

Yes, participants may be compensated up to $1,110 for their time and completed participation.

No, as long as you have been experiencing the symptoms, you may qualify.

Yes, participation is completely voluntary, and you may end your participation in the study at any time.