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RedHill Biopharma, a biopharmaceutical company, is working closely with regulatory authorities and the scientific community worldwide on a response to support symptomatic patients of COVID-19.

professional clinical team

Those participating will receive all study related care and symptom monitoring at home. They will also have open communication with the clinical study team.

technical details

You can see all study details on the National Institute of Health’s website.

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Why participate in this study?

Help others

By participating in this study, you could help researchers discover a new medicine to help treat COVID-19. That means you could be helping millions around the world to get better faster after receiving a COVID-19 diagnosis.

Closely monitor symptoms and vitals

When you participate in this study, the progression of your symptoms will be monitored closely. If any of your symptoms get worse, you’ll have immediate access to the study site team. And if you are in the active treatment group (vs placebo), you may see a reduction in those symptoms.

Participate while you isolate

We understand you may not be feeling well, which is why we’ve designed this study so you can participate from home! The initial screening and end of study visits are conducted at a clinic where you will be tested for COVID-19. You’ll be given take home devices to track your vital signs and help you track how your body is managing the virus. You will have three follow-ups that will be done virtually, and three that will be done either by a home healthcare provider at your home or by a study team member at a clinic, depending on your preference. And if you have any concerns, the study team will be available to you.

What Will I Have To Do?

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Be on the lookout for contact from the study team to schedule your appointment.

Don’t just isolate.. participate!

Show up to your appointment, get the free test, and follow through with study participation.

Why does this matter?

While vaccines have hit the market, the virus is still spreading. In the United States, we continue to have approximately 55,000 Americans diagnosed with COVID-19 every day*, and for those who already have the disease, there are very few options to help them feel better. This study could help scientists discover a new therapy so the newly diagnosed can recover sooner with fewer symptoms. In countries where the vaccine is not yet available, treatment is sometimes the only option and can make a huge difference.

About the sponsor

The study is sponsored by RedHill Biopharma, a biopharmaceutical company that focuses on studying and finding new therapeutics for infectious diseases. RedHill is working closely with regulatory authorities and the scientific community worldwide to evaluate the potential of two new drugs to treat COVID-19 patients and support the global response to the pandemic. 

*“Trends in Number of COVID-19 Cases and Deaths in the US Reported to CDC, by State/Territory.” COVID Data Tracker, CDC,


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of this study?

The purpose of this study is to see if the study medication, upamostat, will help people with COVID-19 to recover sooner. The study will also test the safety of two different doses of upamostat.

What is upamostat?

Upamostat is a drug in the form of a capsule that will be taken orally. Upamostat has not been approved by the FDA for the treatment of any disease, and its use in this study is investigational.

If I have COVID-19, can I participate in this study?

Yes, to participate in this study you must have either a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis or symptoms of COVID-19 and be willing to take a COVID-19 test provided by a study staff member. You must have started having symptoms or had a positive test for COVID-19 within 5 days.

If I think I have COVID-19 but haven’t been tested, can I participate in this study?

Yes, if you have experienced symptoms of COVID-19 within the last 5 days you may be eligible to participate in this study. Prospective participants will complete a COVID-19 rapid test during eligibility screening for this study to determine if they qualify.

Is this a vaccine study?

No, this is not a vaccine study. The purpose of this study is to determine if upamostat reduces symptoms of people who have COVID-19. The intention of this study is not to determine if upamostat prevents COVID-19.

Will I be compensated for my participation?

Yes. Participants will be compensated based on their completion of study tasks. In addition to financial compensation, you will also be allowed to keep some of the provided study devices to continue personally tracking your vital signs.

Are there any direct benefits to be being in this study?

Your condition may get better, stay the same or worsen during the study. All subjects in the study will be monitored more carefully than they would be if not taking part in the study, including home health visits which are generally not provided to people with this condition.

The information collected during this study may help researchers, scientists and doctors learn more about the study treatment that may benefit you and other people with COVID-19.

How do I know if I am eligible?

Prospective participants will complete an eligibility screening with a member of the study team to confirm full eligibility. Primary requirements include having symptoms of COVID-19 disease and a diagnosis of COVID-19. If you have symptoms, but no diagnosis we can provide you with a test to confirm presence of the virus. You must have started having symptoms or had a positive test for COVID-19 disease within 5 days, whichever is greater, from the planned start of study treatment.

What does my involvement entail?

By participating in the study, you will receive an immediate test for the presence of the COVID-19 virus. If the test shows that you have the infection and you qualify for participation, you will be monitored closely for changes in your health, including the use of devices to check your vital signs. You will be seen by a home health care provider at your home or a study team member at a clinic 3 times. The provider will examine you, take blood, and perform a nasal swab test to better understand your condition.

The maximum time you will be in the study is about 57 days. You will only be taking the study medication for about the first 14 days of the study. The remainder of the time you are in this study you will be asked to do various tasks.

What should I expect if I participate in this study?

If you choose to take part in this study, you will be expected to do the following:

  • Take the study drug as you are instructed to do so
  • Complete the study diaries daily as provided via the study app on your smartphone
  • Record your oxygen level twice a day for the first 15 days of the study and thrice weekly through days 15 to 29 of the study using a pulse oximeter provided.
  • Record your temperature thrice daily during the first 14 days of the study, then between one and three times daily as instructed by study staff throughout the remainder of your participation using a provided thermometer.
  • Allow in-person visits either in your home or at a clinic at certain timepoints throughout the trial to record vital signs, perform blood draws, COVID testing, and review health status.
  • Attend 3 remote telehealth visits with the study doctor or staff during the trial to review study and health status.
  • Attend an end of study visit at a clinic.
Are there risks or discomforts to me by taking this study medication?

Some unexpected risks and side effects may occur when you take part in a clinical research study. The study doctor will closely monitor, treat, and try to prevent any side effects that you might experience while participating in this research study. Other drugs and procedures may be provided to make side effects less serious and less uncomfortable.

Will I receive any results from this study?

Using the study devices, participants will be able to monitor various bodily measurements, such as temperature. The overall results of the study may be published; however, all protected health information (PHI) that could potentially identify you will be completely removed and all data presented will be de-identified in accordance with HIPAA. The sponsor will not provide any individual results from this study, nor provide results directly to participants.

Are there any direct costs to me for my participation?

All costs related to the study are paid for by the sponsor.

Is the confidentiality of my health information protected?

The study doctor and some members of the study team will be able to see your health information and it will be used for the purpose of this study ONLY.

Is my participation voluntary, and can I withdraw at any time?

Yes. Your decision to be a part of this study is entirely voluntary. You can decide to stop study treatment at any time during the study. If you wish to stop taking the investigational drug, please let your study doctor know.