Breaking through the noise

Now that digital recruitment has become a central element in trial enrollment, online spaces are cluttered with ads for studies. 1nHealth can help you connect with your audience. 

to put it simply,

Reaching full enrollment is about talking to the right people and saying the right things.

let’s unpack that

Patient-centric creative

Patient-centricity is an industry buzzword, but it really does lead to better outcomes for everyone. The problem is that most of us apply it to study design without incorporating it into study communication. The result is trial-centric communication that serves as an information dump and doesn’t connect with patients in the context of their digital lives. 

The average social media users gives an advertisement two seconds of their attention. Patient-centric communication is built to grab attention first, and pique interest second. The study website and consent process do the heavy lifting of informing the patient about the nature of the trial.  

The results speak for themselves (see below), but just building better ads can’t help if the wrong people are seeing them.  

Precision Targeting

Talking to the ‘wrong people’ means advertising to irrelevant audiences, i.e. people who wouldn’t qualify for your trial. Advertising to the wrong people is a surefire way to make enrollment slower and more expensive. 

This can seem like an insurmountable problem, after all, digital platforms won’t allow targeting by health state (of course there’s no button to click to make sure your audience has diabetes or kidney disease).  

1nHealth responded by developing in-house tech that combines multiple data streams and machine-learning to generate custom audience sets. 1nHealth’s ecommerce veterans make sure the ads we run are talking to the right people. Changing the targeting changes everything.  

Case Study

A tale of two campaigns


Our client was 8 weeks into recruitment for a wearable device validation study, and behind pace. They’d been using a combination of sites and digital ads with little to show for their efforts after the first wave of enrollments from site databases.


The client was skeptical and gave 1nHealth a 1-week trial. After 2 days we were extended to 1-month, and by the end of the first week our campaigns were active across all study site locations.


The company deployed 1nHealth to save this effort. We used our in-house algorithm, AgileMatch, to give us the best possible chance at finding our target: Patients diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation [and here’s the catch] who were having an active episode at the time of on-site screening. Yikes.


Despite digital ads being deployed for 2 months, 1nHealth delivered new patients to the sites at 3x the expected rate – closing the gap between actual and expected enrollments.


Enrollment Timeline

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frequently asked questions

Describe the scope of your capabilities.

Our company runs on tech, so we can scale. Let us know the size of your trial, and we’ll scale up our ads to fit your needs. We are not limited by any number of patients because we don’t depend on a call center or manual workers. Our recruitment is set up by e-commerce professionals and then it runs its magic.  

Where can you recruit for clinical trials?

In short, we are global. We recruit digitally, and hire translators on trials with multiple languages, so we can recruit anywhere.  

What is your pricing model?

We run on a shared revenue model. We charge for enrollments. This way, both parties are prioritizing your trial reaching full recruitment.  

Tell me more about the “AI tech” that you use.

AgileMatch is the AI system we built. It utilizes proprietary information to find the patients who aren’t “raising their hand” by looking for a clinical study, but they would be a fit. This system excels at finding non-obvious study candidates. 

Why are you different?

1nHealth differentiates ourselves by using novel digital recruitment targeting and creative. These specialties allow us to find non-obvious candidates and recruit using exclusively digital channels. Better targeting allows us to find candidates other recruitment vendors would likely miss, better creative means that your recruitment budget dollars do more because the advertisements are actually engaging. (Before you ask, yes, we can back up these claims with case study data).

Our 1nH Philosophy

  • In a typical protocol, there’s a number specified for recruitment (n=). Typically, this target number is seen as a subset of the population, a group needed in order to fulfill study requirements.
  • 1nHealth’s thinking is different. We believe patient centricity doesn’t start at the site. It begins the moment an individual sees a recruitment opportunity. We exist to make that moment more human, resulting in increased study participation.

Want To Be The Next Success Story?

Case Study

“You cannot expect to fill this study using just Facebook

– Direct quote from study sponsor lead


1nHealth’s client needed to recruit 350 women experiencing urinary incontinence for a decentralized medical device study. The study team had never used solely digital recruitment, so they were concerned about timelines and wanted a backup plan.


1nHealth proposed launching the recruitment effort on Facebook and Google exclusively and reevaluating the need for other channels as the project progressed.


As the campaign progressed 1nHealth’s Facebook ads emerged as top performers, so budgets were reallocated in real-time to ensure maximum efficiency. Due to the low friction of decentralized studies, leads turned into randomized patients at an astounding rate.


Digital recruitment can serve not only to supplement study enrollment but in many cases can provide 100% of the necessary participants. The keys to achieving the best possible results are platform selection, ad targeting, and high-performing creative assets.


Not Ready to Commit? We’ve got a Pilot For That 

We frequently run pilots with new clients, where you can have us recruit a small portion of your study to test us out. It’s a cheap and low-commitment option, and it comes with a bonus of some extra enrolls for your study. If you like us, we can continue recruiting. If not, no hard feelings.

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