See if You Qualify

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What’s Involved?

  • If you qualify and choose to participate, you’ll receive either the GAE treatment or steroid injections
  • You’ll have 6-7 clinic visits over the course of a year, and a follow-up visit at 2 years
  • If you didn’t receive the GAE treatment, you can receive it at no cost after a year!

Frequently asked questions

What is the investigational treatment?

The investigational treatment, called Genicular Artery Embolization (GAE), is a procedure where tiny implant-grade beads, about the size of a grain of sand, are injected into your knee. The beads are designed to block the blood flow in inflamed parts of the knee, which can reduce inflammation and pain.  

Is the treatment safe?

Many studies have been done so far on the Genicular Artery Embolization (GAE) treatment. Studies have shown that it is overall a safe procedure.  

Is there a placebo?

Everyone in the study will receive either the investigational treatment, or steroid injections. You’ll have a 50% chance of being in each group. This is so we can compare how effective the treatments are. However, if you’re randomly assigned to the steroid group, we’ll give you the chance to choose to receive the investigational treatment (at no cost) after a year.