See if You Qualify

Fill out the form below to see if you meet the basic study requirements.

What’s Involved?

To participate in the Oral Health Study, you must:

  • Fill out the eligibility questionnaire above
  • Get in touch with study staff to answer further qualifications questions and schedule your first screening visit
  • Complete your screening visits at the study site
  • Stay engaged with the study by attending 5 follow-up visits every 90 days for continued dental care and examination

What are the details?

Participants will be randomized into two groups, the treatment group and control group. Both groups will get an initial periodontal treatment and a follow-up at 12 months. The treatment group will also get additional periodontal treatments every 3 months throughout the study.

You will be asked to provide biosamples (blood, saliva, dental and tongue plaque, and gingival crevicular fluid) as well as fill out surveys and questionnaires. The samples may be analyzed to understand your oral health and hygiene with the primary goal of improving overall health.

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to pay for treatment?

As part of this clinical study, all study-related periodontal treatments are provided at no cost to participants. If any other dental issues are found at the time of the dental exam, some additional treatment may be provided by the study such as extractions and simple fillings.

If the participant needs more extensive dental care such as root canals, crowns, dentures, etc., the participant would need to seek dental care outside of the study and the study would NOT cover the cost of these treatments. These treatments would be necessary before continuing on with the study.

Who will be performing the dental work?

Licensed dentists, periodontists, dental operators, and dental hygienists will perform the treatments as per local laws.

How long is the study?

The total length of the study including screening, initial treatments and all follow-up treatments is up to 18 months.

Is compensation provided?

Yes, compensation up to $945 will be provided for successful completion of the study. These payments are doled out per study visit in amounts ranging from $50-$80. Participants will also receive an estimated $1000 worth of dental treatments and an estimated $500 worth of dental products at no cost.

Where are you located?

The Oral Health Study is being conducted at:

Chapel Hill – 385 S Columbia Street, Chapel Hill, NC 27599
Kannapolis – 500 Laureate Way, Kannapolis, NC 28081