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Why participate in this study?

Trusted Researchers

Intrommune Therapeutics is a biotechnology company dedicated to simplifying allergy immunotherapy. They are dedicated to developing safe and effective options for food allergy sufferers so they and their loved ones can live without fear. As part of the study, testing and treatment is done under medical supervision. Any medications needed during the study will be provided.

Be part of advancing allergy research

Study participants are a vital part of the research process. As part of this study, you have the chance to help advance research in peanut allergies so that treatment options may be available for yourself and others like you in the future.

Participant Benefits

The time and effort of participants are valuable and appreciated. As part of this study, participants may be reimbursed for each visit in the amount of $75 for the majority of the visits. One visit may be reimbursed up to $300 for screening requirements. For those travelling more than 30 miles, mileage reimbursement of up to 300 miles is available.

What will I have to do?

Fill out the questionnaire above to see if you meet the basic qualifications

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If you qualify with the pre-screener, the study team will reach out with your next steps including eligibility tasks and completing a consent form.

Get screened for eligibility

Once screening is complete, participants will be randomized into a treatment or placebo group and use the given treatment and complete follow up visits


What makes this treatment different?

This treatment works by delivering small amounts of a specific allergen protein to the mouth. There, the immune system has the chance to react to the allergen via the cells in the mouth without the need to go through the blood stream.

Over time this repeated exposure may decrease the allergic immune response the next time there is an allergen exposure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of this study?

The purpose of this study is to determine whether this treatment can be used safely in adults. This study will also assess the dose for daily use, any incidences of adverse reactions or lack thereof, and changes in allergen reactivity while using the treatment.  

What is considered a mild or moderate peanut allergy?

A mild or moderate peanut allergy is any peanut allergy that does not result in life-threatening reactions to peanut exposure. If you have had a life-threatening reaction to peanut allergies, you would not be a good fit for this study.

Are there any risks involved in this study?

While there are risks to most studies, steps are taken to minimize and prepare for any adverse events. For those participating in this study, all tests and changes in treatment are done under direct medical supervision.

Is there compensation for my participation?

Yes! There is compensation available for your time and participation. Participants will receive $300 for the single study site visit requiring an oral allergy test, and $75 each for any other type of visit. Up to 13 visits may be required over the course of your participation, adding up to a possible $1200 over the course of the study.

How do I know if I’m eligible?

After completing the questionnaire on this page, prospective participants will receive a call from one of the study coordinators for additional screening. If you are a good fit for the study, they will continue to the next portion of eligibility screening which will happen at the physical study site.

How does the study work?

Participants will go through a screening period (up to 28 days) where allergy and personal health data are collected through a physical exam, training, and other study-related exams and activities. Participants will then be randomly assigned to either the control group or the treatment group. Participants will need to complete study tasks throughout the treatment period such as monitoring their use of the treatment daily in a diary, and clinic visits. Compensation will be given for time and participation at certain milestones throughout the study.

How much time can I expect to put towards participation?

From baseline to finish, the total time is approximately 28 weeks, with just up to 22 of those weeks requiring using the study treatment. There are up to 13 in-person visits to the study site, and a few phone calls. Once enrolled, the treatment does not change the participants daily routine beyond use of treatment, and a quick daily diary.

Are there any direct costs to me while participating?

All costs related to the study are paid for by the sponsor.

Is my confidential health information protected?

The study doctor and some members of the study team will be able to see your health information and it will be used for the purpose of this study ONLY.

Is my participation voluntary and can I withdraw at any time?

Yes. Your decision to be a part of this study is entirely voluntary. You can decide to stop study treatment at any time during the study. If you wish to end your participation, please let the clinical study team know.

*Please note: The specific study timeframes listed here are subject to change in the future.