See if You Qualify

See if you might qualify for the study, and to get connected with a study specialist to discuss the study further.

What’s Involved?

To participate in the PROSPER-FM study, you must:

  • Fill out an eligibility questionnaire
  • Meet with study staff for visits (in person or virtually)
  • Use the smartphone app daily
  • Respond to weekly surveys

The treatments are for 12 weeks with expected usage up to 20 minutes per day. The results obtained from this study will be used to submit an application to FDA for marketing the smartphone app as a commercial product to help people manage their fibromyalgia more effectively. These digital therapeutics are investigational, which means that they are not yet approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Frequently asked questions

Do I need an existing diagnosis of fibromyalgia to participate in the PROSPER-FM study?

No, you do not need an existing diagnosis of fibromyalgia to participate. While a diagnosis is helpful, you still may qualify if you have symptoms of fibromyalgia.

How do I know if I am eligible for the PROSPER-FM study?

Fill out the brief pre-screening questionnaire above to apply. If you meet the pre-screening criteria, you will be invited to schedule a visit with a qualified clinical site or through a virtual meeting to learn more about the study.

To be eligible for the PROSPER-FM study you must:

  • Be living in the United States
  • Be between 22 to 75 years of age
  • Have symptoms of fibromyalgia
  • Own and use a smartphone with an operating system of version 8 or newer for Android or version 12 or newer for iOS
  • Have the ability to commit to using the smartphone-based therapy for up to 15-20 minutes a day
  • Have the ability to read and understand English

The PROSPER-FM study is not right for you if:

  • You have participated in a different investigational study in the last 90 days or are currently participating in a different clinical trial
  • You are taking opioids or benzodiazepines regularly
  • You have already taken part in a previous study sponsored by Swing Therapeutics

Full eligibility criteria will be assessed as part of the initial meetings.

What kind of treatment is this?

The study evaluates two investigational smartphone-based therapies designed to help people manage their fibromyalgia more effectively. The therapies may include learning self-management skills, mindfulness activities, tracking of symptoms, disease education, or a combination of the above. The study does not involve the addition of any drugs or medications. The participants may continue to use their current medication during the study.

Where is this study taking place?

You can participate from anywhere in the U.S. If you live within driving distance of one of the qualified clinical sites, you may be asked to attend your initial study visit in person. All other visits may be conducted via video or phone calls.

Will I be compensated for participating in the study?

If you are eligible for the study and follow the study protocol for the duration of your participation, you are eligible to be compensated. Payments are made on a per-visit basis and range from $15-$75 per visit and may reach a total of $345 by the end of the study.

Is my health information secure?

1nHealth and Swing Therapeutics take cybersecurity and data privacy seriously. Please read our policies here: 1nHealth Privacy Policy, Swing Therapeutics Privacy Policy, Swing Therapeutics Terms of Use.

How long does the study last?

In the study, you will use one of the smartphone-based therapies for a period of 12 weeks.

Is the PROSPER-FM study safe?

This is an investigational smartphone-based therapy. The PROSPER-FM study protocol has been approved by an Institutional Review Board and has been determined to be a non-significant risk study.

Are there drugs involved in your study?

No, the PROSPER-FM study does not introduce new medications. You may continue your fibromyalgia medications during the study.

Are there any pre-existing conditions that may prevent me from participating in the PROSPER-FM study?

If you have cancer (current diagnosis or recurrence in past 12months, other than basal or squamous cell skin cancer) or dementia, then this trial is not right for you. Please continue to follow us for future opportunities to participate in our clinical studies.

Can I keep using the smartphone-based therapy after my participation in the PROSPER-FM study is complete?

Because access to the therapy is within a clinical study, we are required to turn off access to the therapy at the end of the study. There is a follow-on clinical study that evaluates the extended use of the application, which you can choose to enroll into at the end of this study if you qualify.

Do I need to use my own smartphone?

Yes. The treatments that are being studied involve daily interaction with the application, which must be done from your own smartphone.

What type of smartphone do I need to participate?

Your smartphone needs to be using version 12 or newer if it is an Apple device or version 8 or newer if it is an Android device.

Can I use my computer or tablet to participate in the PROSPER-FM study?

Right now, the treatments are available for your smartphone only. We are considering studying tablet and desktop versions in the future. Please follow us to learn when these opportunities become available.

Who is sponsoring this study?

Swing Therapeutics is the sponsor of this study.

Is this Swing’s first study?

No. We have conducted multiple trials over the last two years. The preceding clinical research has informed the therapies we are evaluating in the PROSPER-FM study.

Can I refer someone to the PROSPER-FM study?

Yes. You can invite anyone to take the pre-screening survey HERE.