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To see if you are a good fit, fill out the pre-screener form above to apply. If you qualify, someone from the team may be in touch to go over further details.

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If selected to participate, a member of the study team will contact you by text messaging and phone call to go over any additional screening questions and schedule your first study appointment.


The study requires up to 4 study visits, for completing additional screening tasks and testing the investigational medication. Participants will need to do a 5-minute mock public speaking task in front of 3 people in order to test the medication. This will only be needed at 2 of the 4 visits.

What are the perks?


$100 is available per study visit, totaling up to $400 by the completion of the study.

Travel Arrangements

Travel expenses may be reimbursed, and pre-arranged Uber services are available to eligible participants.

1 Year of Medication

Upon completion of this initial study, qualified participants will have the opportunity to join a continuation study and receive up to a year’s supply of the investigational medication.

Frequently asked questions

If you complete all required activities, up to $400 in compensation is available to be paid to you.

If chosen to participate, you will need to make a total of 4 visits to the study location near you. You will also be asked to try an investigational nasal spray medication meant to be used as needed to treat social anxiety. Half of all participants will receive a placebo. For the second and third study visits, you will be asked to give a 5-minute speech in front of 3 people.

Travel is eligible to be covered by the study in the form of reimbursement for travel costs or provided Uber or other ride share. Please speak with the study staff about your specific arrangements.

Upon completion of the study, participants have the option to participate in a continuation study of the investigational medication for up to 1 year. This continuation study is open label meaning all participants would receive the investigational medication and not a placebo.