See if You Qualify

Fill out the form below to see if you meet the basic study requirements. Your name and information will not be shared with any third party for any reason.

What’s Involved?

We want to see how effective our smartwatch is in monitoring the symptoms of sleep apnea.

Here are the study basics:

  • Apply for the study using the pre-screener form above
  • Wear the study-provided smartwatch for up to 30 days
  • Wear a study-provided home sleep test for at least two nights
  • Participate in one video call session and daily surveys on a smartphone. (The video calls are conducted live and will not be recorded.)
  • This study can be done remotely and requires the use of a computer or smartphone with audiovisual capabilities
  • Upon completing all study activities, participants are eligible to receive up to $2,360

Frequently asked questions

What is the purpose of this study?

The purpose of this study is to check the ability of a smartwatch device to detect symptoms of sleep apnea.

Are there any risks involved with participation?

There are minimal risks involved with participating in this clinical study.

I’m unsure of my AHI score. Can I still participate?

If you don’t know your AHI score, that’s ok. Please fill out the survey form above to the best of your ability and you may still qualify.

Is there compensation for participation?

Yes, there is compensation for your time and involvement up to $2,360.

How long is participation?

Participants will wear the smartwatch for up to 30 days and will need to ship it back on day 34. The at-home sleep test device will also need to be worn for at least 2 nights during the first week of the study.

What is the device?

The study device is a smartwatch that is worn on the wrist. The comparative device (worn for only part of the study) is an at-home sleep test device. These devices are study-provided and Study Staff will teach you how to apply them.

Do I have to travel anywhere to participate?

This study is 100% virtual, meaning every study task can be done from home.

How do I know that I am eligible?

Once you submit the form you will receive a text message to inform you if you are pre-qualified. A member of the study team will further qualify you after via a phone survey to make sure you are a good fit for this study.

Is my participation voluntary, and can I withdraw at any time?

Yes. Your decision to be a part of this study is entirely voluntary and can be ended at any time.