Hitting the Target – Every Time


As people surf the internet, they leave behind clues about their habits, buying practices and behaviors. This digital footprint is a huge ocean of information called big data. 

AgileMatch™ dives deep into these waters to find the hard targets every clinical trial needs. Using machine learning and artificial intelligence, our tools isolate users to match the exact criteria of every protocol.

This advanced technique requires little to zero input from the client, and our systems can deliver daily subject lists with filters from each qualification.

The 1nHealth's Plus Sign representing ability of our tools
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Fast and efficient landing pages with fully responsive design.

Seamless and easy-to-use forms on desktop or mobile, improving the number of leads exponentially.

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Optimizing for user experience means our form completion conversion rate for qualified leads reaches peaks of 100 percent.

We do it through tinkering with our technology and a constant optimization process.

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Information is safely transmitted between us and our clients.

From password-protected reports, to encrypted databases, no data is left unsecured.

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Watch your recruitment number grow.

From end-to-end, our powerful tool can overcome even the hardest inclusion/exclusion criteria.


Delivering subjects to meet the protocol, on-time and on-budget.


1nHealth is a digital technology company that partners with CROs, sponsors and sites to provide precision subject recruitment.

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