Final Fill

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The Push to Reach the Last 10 Percent

Recruitment agencies can easily exhaust themselves, depleting the audience pool. This makes the final stretch to fulfillment long and arduous.

Final Fill allows us to tap into a new audience pool, previously untouched. Our technology’s ability to analyze consumer behavior makes it easy for us to pinpoint unused targeting criteria. 

A stopwatch icon to represent the 1nHealth's fast speed of data processing

No stone left unturned. Final Fill’s proprietary algorithm keeps working until the last volunteer is identified. In our experience, our success comes from investigating the unexplored areas of the web, where we find the targeted audiences.

A checkmark icon to represent the 1nHealth's ability to pinpoint volunteers

While speed is important, at this point in any study, the qualifying ratio is the crucial factor for success. This is Final Fill’s focal point: pinpoint exactly the profile your clinical trial needs.



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