Grow Your Subject Registry

1nHealth operates an always expanding subject database to provide sponsors and investigators with subjects who are prescreened for crucial qualifying/disqualifying criteria. This allows you to identify a large number of subjects for eligibility and enrollment quickly.

1nHealth will do the work to populate your database, and then, turn it over to you. The subject information is yours to keep.

An artwork of a moving clock to represent the speed of the Quick Enroll tool

Our subject information is HIPPA compliant, secured and protected. We organize the data in a tailored package, suited to the needs of our pickiest clients.

An artwork to represent the list of approved subject of the Quick Enroll tool

With geo-targeting, audiences become narrow, and databases become stale. Keep your registry fresh by targeting untapped subjects. We explore untouched audiences to ensure an always diverse and up-to-date database.



1nHealth is a digital technology company that partners with CROs, sponsors and sites to provide precision subject recruitment.

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