worried about shingles?
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If you’re over 50 and have never had shingles or received a vaccine for shingles, you may qualify for this study testing the safety of and immune response to an investigational shingles vaccine.
Compensation of up to $125 available per study visit. 

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What will I have to do?

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Fill out the pre-screener questionnaire above to see if you pre-qualify for the study.


If you qualify through the pre-screener, be on the lookout for a phone call from the study staff to schedule your screening appointment.


If you pass the screening assessment, you will enter the study and receive the first vaccine dose. You will be asked to return for additional study visits for the second dose and follow-ups. Participation also includes phone check-ins, and digital diary logs about your health.


You have questions. wE have answers.
What is the purpose of this study?

The purpose of this study is to observe and assess the safety, side effects, and effect on the immune system of two different doses of an investigational shingles vaccine, CRV-101, for the prevention of shingles in adults aged 50 years or older. The two different doses of CRV-101 will be compared to the current FDA approved shingles vaccine SHINGRIX ®. The investigational vaccine and SHINGRIX® do not contain the virus and cannot cause infection. 

How do I know if I’m elgible?

Fill out the pre-screener form above to find out if you pre-qualify for the study. Basic requirements are that you are a healthy adult 50 or older, have never had shingles or a shingles vaccination, and have been vaccinated for COVID-19. If you might be eligible based on your answers to the pre-screener, then the clinical site will contact you. You will be asked to come in for a visit at the research clinic where you will be given all the details of the study and have your questions answered. You will be asked to sign a consent form after which additional health related questions and evaluations will be performed to ensure that you are eligible to be in the study. 

What do I need to do to participate?

As a participant, you will be asked to receive two injections of either the study’s shingles vaccine or SHINGRIX®, attend multiple study visits, have some follow up phone calls, and complete digital diary entries to record your symptoms. The main study takes place over a 14-month period, and the long-term follow-up period is an additional 5 years. Participation is completely voluntary and can be ended at any time.

How long is the study?

For participants in this study, there will be 6 clinic visits, 1 phone call, and 2 additional quarterly contacts (by phone or email) in the first 14 months of the study. After the initial 14-month study period, participants will then have yearly clinic visits and 3 quarterly contacts (by phone or email) per year for the next 5 years. In total, the study lasts approximately 6.5 years.

Who is sponsoring the study?

This study is sponsored by Curevo Vaccine. Curevo Vaccine is a clinical-stage biotechnology company, focused on bringing new generation adjuvanted subunit vaccines to market. Curevo’s goal is to develop a shingles vaccine which is better tolerated and has equivalent effectiveness to that of the leading vaccine on the market. 

Is participation voluntary?

Participation is completely voluntary and can be ended at any time.

Does it cost anything to participate? / Do I need insurance to participate?

There is no cost to you to participate. All study-related care is provided by the study and no insurance is required to participate.

Is the study compensated?

Yes. A set amount of compensation is available for study visits as well as the option of travel reimbursement. Compensation varies by study site location. 

Is there a placebo group?

A placebo is an inactive substance with no medical value such as salt water or a sugar pill. There is no placebo group in this study so no participant will receive a placebo. In clinical studies where there is already an available option, sometimes the current FDA approved medication or vaccine is used as the comparator instead of a placebo.

In the case of this study, this means that the study vaccine, CRV-101, will be compared to the shingles vaccine already available: SHINGRIX®. There are three study groups: CRV-101 low dose, CRV-101 high dose, and SHINGRIX®. Every participant has a 1/3 random chance of being in any one of those three groups.