Have an overactive bladder?

If you have been diagnosed with OAB for 6 months or longer, you could qualify to be part of this virtual study.

Compensation of up to $100 may be provided for completing a 60-minute phone interview after using the symptom tracking app.

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What will I have to do?

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If you qualify with the pre-screener, you will be contacted about your next steps in the study.


Once in the study, you will download and use the symptom-tracking app, and afterwards take part in a 60-minute phone interview that will ask your opinions of the electronic questionnaire. Once completed, you are eligible to receive up to $100 in compensation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is overactive bladder (OAB)?

Overactive bladder (OAB) is a chronic condition characterized by urinary frequency, urgency and nocturia with or without urinary incontinence. Most patients have symptoms for years before being diagnosed and treated. 

What is the purpose of this study?

The purpose of this study is to help researchers who are hard at work developing new treatments for OAB, and as part of research efforts we are testing this symptom-tracking app.  

Are there any risks involved in this study?

No, there are no risks involved in this study because it involves a phone interview and an in-app electronic questionnaire. 

Is there compensation for my participation?

Yes! There is compensation available for your time and participation. Participants are eligible to receive up to $100 for completing the study.

How do I know if I’m eligible?

After completing the pre-screener questionnaire on this page, prospective participants will receive notification of whether or not they can continue on to the next portion of eligibility screening.

How does the study work?

Participants will complete the pre-screener and based on those answers will be invited to schedule a 60-minute phone interview. Once enrolled, the participant will download the symptom-tracking app and complete an electronic questionnaire. After this is done, there will be an a 60-minute interview where the participant will be asked their opinion of their experiences with the app and questionnaire.

Is my participation voluntary and can I withdraw at any time?

Yes. Your decision to be a part of this study is entirely voluntary. You can decide to end your participation any time during the study.  

Please note: 1nHealth may store your data in a confidential and secure database. That personal information will never be shared or sold with any other persons or organizations not associated with 1nHealth. 1nHealth may/will use personal information to contact you directly by phone and/or email for matters related to potential participation in clinical trials for which the potential subject may qualify. See our Privacy Policy for more details.