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For CROs, Sponsors, and Sites

By utilizing big data analysis, we tap qualified and engaged subjects that others ignore.

85 percent of clinical trials fail

to enroll enough patients

Where others fail, we capitalize – through leveraging our
proprietary platform we discover participants
who’ve flown under the radar, and in turn,
induce greater patient participation.

Our Methodology. Your Advantage.

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Thriving Through Challenge 

Recruitment is possibly the biggest challenge in clinical research. We live for the challenge and put decades of digital recruitment experience to test.

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An Untapped Audience

Through the use of big data and our proprietary algorithm, we find subjects where no one else is looking.

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Precision That’s Nimble

By examining the barriers for recruitment, we adapt our proprietary formula and implement the proper strategies necessary to facilitate the study protocol.

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Participants, Not Channels

By analyzing consumer behaviors, instead of channel targeting, we bring subjects who match the inclusion criteria for the clinical study.


Traditional clinical trial recruitment is an antiquated, under-delivering methodology.
Our bold, data-rich approach transforms the status-quo and encourages conversion until the last patient is in. Plus, we do it on time, and on budget.


1nHealth is a digital technology company that partners with CROs, sponsors and sites to provide precision subject recruitment.

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