Clients who don’t have to worry about enrollment deadlines.

We deliver results.

Patient recruitment delays are frequent—leading to higher-than-expected costs, underperforming research sites, and significant impacts on your next clinical trial.

If you want different results, you’ll need a different approach.

1nHealth helps study sponsors fill clinical trials faster, identifying the right patients for you and engaging them with a compelling case for enrolling. Our team consists of digital recruitment experts with an outsider perspective that deliver an insider impact.

  • 1nHealth | 90% of trials enroll on time
  • Industry | 14% of trials enroll on time

Success across therapeutic areas.

  • 1 million+ potential participants engaged
  • 20+ sponsors supported
  • 50+ studies across multiple therapeutic areas

Site based

  • Geo-targeting of ads, content locally customized
  • Site-specific platform logins and tracking
  • Performance reporting and campaign optimization by region

Fully decentralized

  • Integration with DCT platform providers
  • Ability to engage deeper demographic subsets
  • Campaign optimizations by most efficient and effective regions

Novel recruitment process.

Anyone can put ads on the internet. However, you need participants who will contribute meaningful data to your next clinical trial. 1nHealth is a team of patient recruitment experts who know how to identify the right patients quickly and how to engage them through the entire process from beginning to end.

To meet enrollment timelines, we excel in these three areas:

  • Audience Targeting
  • Compelling Creative
  • Accurate Reporting

Recruitment you can trust.

“1nHealth is now the STANDARD in patient recruitment for us.”

– Top 5 Device Company Sponsor, Verbatim


Conventional digital recruitment takes a wide-net approach; the majority of the people who see your study ad would never qualify. 1nHealth developed AgileMatch targeting to drastically minimize this inefficiency, finding specific populations fast.

Who you talk to


What’s the difference between an ad you read and an ad you scroll past? 1nHealth uses a systematic process to uncover what patients actually engage with online and develops study creative that generates 4x the attention.

What you say


You already know how sites are enrolling. Better metrics can help you understand why. 1nData delivers real-time metrics on site performance and patient activity.


Case studies.

Let’s talk numbers. Despite being digital-only, 1nHealth has site-based recruitment experience in addition to our DCT campaigns.

  • See how 1nHealth boosted enrollments by 300% in a lagging site-based study and restored the LPI timeline.

Congrats, here’s your call to action.

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