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Most patient recruitment websites lead with the stats on the frequency of recruitment delays and their outsized impact on a trial’s success. If you’re here, you already know all of that.

If you want *different* results, you’ll need a different approach. Data shows that your patients are on the internet, and 1nHealth believes filling your study is a matter of finding them and making a compelling case for enrolling.

Instead of proof that recruitment is often terrible, read on for real results proving that it doesn’t have to be.

Recruitment in ANY format

Site based

  • Ads restricted to site radius
  • Site personnel receive 1nData login with appropriate lead data
  • Spend allocation according to site performance
  • Lead delivery easily turned on and off based on site capacity

Fully decentralized

  • Potential API Integration with study CTMS
  • Targeting available for any location
  • Unlimited scalability
  • Turnkey setup and integration

NOVEL recruitment process

Anyone can put ads on the internet. Meeting enrollment timelines means excelling in these three areas:


Who you talk to

Conventional digital recruitment takes a wide-net approach; the majority of the people who see your study ad would never qualify. 1nHealth developed AgileMatch targeting to drastically minimize this inefficiency, finding specific populations fast.


What you say

What’s the difference between an ad you read and an ad you scroll past? 1nHealth uses a systematic process to uncover what patients actually engage with online and develops study creative that generates 4x the attention.



You already know how sites are enrolling. Better metrics can help you understand why. 1nData delivers real-time metrics on site performance and patient activity.

1nHEALTH vs whoever you’re considering

Deep dive:

Real world results and industry benchmarking.

Case studies

Let’s talk numbers. Despite being digital-only, 1nHealth has site-based recruitment experience in addition to our DCT campaigns. 

Expert Digital Transforms Recruitment

Digital and traditional ads had been running for 8 weeks for a site-based study recruiting patients with atrial fibrillation. The consensus was “digital doesn’t work.”

1nHealth boosted enrollments by 300% and nearly regained the initial LPI timeline before the study was halted due to COVID-19.

Meet the TEAM

Digital excellence. Clinical expertise.

We have Miami Dolphins superfans, Bachelor franchise fanatics and even a PM who owns a flower shop on the side.

Dan Brenner

Founder and CEO

With a previous background in Life Sciences Consulting at SPRIM, Dan has blended his perspective in clinical and consumer to launch 1nHealth.

TA of personal interest: Alzheimer’s. Dan lost his grandmother to Alzheimer’s Disease and is passionate about being part of the pursuit to find a cure.

Nakisha Muhammad


Nakisha has built multiple data-management and data visualization companies, managing developer teams and IT infrastructure.

TA of personal interest: Premature Birth. Nakisha gave birth to her last child at 26 1/2 weeks. She hopes for advancements in science for early detection & prevention of preeclampsia.

Daniel White

Director of Digital Recruitment

He leverages a well-rounded background in digital marketing at a top entertainment company globally, plus multinational experience in his native Brazil as well as North America, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Italy, Hong Kong, and Japan.

TA of personal interest: Alzheimer’s. Daniel’s mother suffers from the condition and he experienced first-hand how harsh and fast the effects are. Anything related to dementia draws his inspiration to work harder towards scientific advancement.

CLIENTS who don’t have to worry about enrollment deadlines

“1nHealth is now the STANDARD in patient recruitment for us.”

-Top 5 Device Company, Sponsor Verbatim

SUCCESS across therapeutic areas

A proven model

Potential Participants Engaged
Sponsors Supported
Studies Across Multiple Therapeutic Areas

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