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Remember that Baby Nutrition Study you applied to? Your baby may now be old enough to participate! Please let us know if you’re still interested here. As a reminder, you may be able to receive up to $450 for your time and participation.

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Frequently asked questions

The supplements are currently commercially available and made by Ready. Set. Food! They’re scientifically formulated and easy-to-use to gently introduce babies to common foods, such as cow’s milk, eggs, and peanuts. Introducing peanut and egg in an age-appropriate form, in the first year of life (after age 4 months) is consistent with the 2020 USDA-HHS Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee Report.

No, participants will be randomly assigned to one of two groups. One group will receive the dietary supplements. One group will be asked to feed their baby according to their pediatrician’s recommendations. Participants have a 66% chance of being in the group that receives supplements, and a 33% chance of being in the group that follows their pediatrician’s recommendations. Participants in both groups will receive the same compensation.

The study is around 24 months. Those in the dietary supplement group will feed their baby with the supplements for 6 months, and everyone else will feed their baby as they normally would. For the first month of the study, all participants will complete daily questionnaires. For the next 5 months, they’ll do weekly questionnaires. There will also be surveys and questionnaires to complete throughout the study. All surveys and questionnaires will be done on your smartphone using the study app.

No, there is no cost to participate. You can also receive compensation for your participation no matter which group you’re in.

Early and sustained allergen introduction is recommended while breastfeeding. The investigational product can easily mix with breast milk in a bottle. Breastfeeding mothers can continue to exclusively breastfeed without having to introduce solids before their baby is ready to eat them.