What is 1nHealth?

In short, we find participants for clinical trials. On this page, we have a longer explanation of what that means in the context of the clinical trials industry and who hires us to fill their studies.

Big picture.

To explain what we do, here’s a timeline of a treatment going to market. Let’s use a new psoriasis treatment as an example.

1. Research

A small company invents a new psoriasis treatment, such as a drug or a topical cream. Significant data is gathered that shows this treatment will not only benefit humanity but is safe.

2. Trial design

A pharmaceutical, medical device, or biotechnology company pays to help bring this treatment through the long clinical trial process to officially prove safety and effectiveness.

3. Trial management

A contract research organization (CRO) runs the study’s day-to-day for the pharmaceutical company.

4. Recruitment

1nHealth is hired on to find patients for the study. In industry terms, 1nHealth is the recruitment vendor.

5. Participation

We find patients like you online to take part in the study.

The breakdown.

Essentially, the recruitment process happens four times, because clinical studies are rigorous to make sure medications and treatments are safe for the public. To see the stages of a clinical trial, check out this page.

Clients we worked with.

Feel free to look up any of these companies. Sometimes we’re hired by clinical research organizations (the people executing the day-to-day of the study like IQVIA), and other times it’s the people who started the study and are paying the CRO to run it (like AbbVie).