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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a research study?

Research studies are ways that researchers learn more about health, diseases, and treatments. Some studies will simply observe your health, while others will have investigational treatments. You can get more information on the study you could qualify for by filling out the form above.

What’s involved in a study?

Each study is different. Most studies will involve a screening process, where you’ll answer questions about your health, and then get the chance to learn more about the study. Some studies involve an investigational treatment or placebo. Most studies will have visits and surveys involved over a period of several months. Fill out the form to learn more about a study you may qualify for.

Do you have to have a specific disease?

For some studies, you need to have a specific disease. However, other studies welcome healthy people. Simply fill out the form above and we’ll try to match you with a study that works for you.

Does it cost anything to participate?

Most research studies are free to participate in, and any treatments involved are provided at no cost to you. In fact, some studies will actually compensate you for your time and participation.