See if You Qualify

This questionnaire will help us to better understand if this study is right for you. Please think carefully and be honest when answering the following questions.

What’s Involved?

Here are some additional details about the virtual study and how to participate:

  • Apply for the study using the pre-screener form above
  • Download two mobile apps: ObvioGo and the Click Therapeutics™ Study App
  • Activities include completing surveys, tracking symptoms, tracking events, and more
  • This study can be done remotely from an iPhone or Android smartphone
  • Upon completing all study milestones, participants are eligible to receive up to $575 in total compensation by the end of the study

What are the two mobile apps? 

You will use the ObvioGo and the Click Therapeutics™ study app to record all of your study-related data.

Click Therapeutics™ develops software for people with unmet medical needs. Software as a Medical Device is an exciting and growing field, and Click Therapeutics™ develops its apps to meet FDA (Food and Drug Administration) standards. This investigational study app is designed to prevent migraine. 

Frequently asked questions

How long is the study?

The study is approximately 19 weeks long, including 12 weeks of study treatment via app usage.

Will I be compensated for participating?

If you are eligible for the study and complete required study milestones, you are eligible for compensation. Payments are made on a per-complete milestone basis and range from $50- $125 per milestone and may reach a total of $575 by the end of the study.

What type of smartphone do I need to participate?

To use the ObvioGo and Click Therapeutics™ apps, your smartphone needs to be an iPhone operating system (iOS) 14 or later or a smartphone with an Android operating system (OS) 11 or later.

How much time does it take to participate?

It takes an estimated time of 5-50 minutes per day over the course of the 19-week study period.