DCT is in our DNA

Decentralized clinical trials are gaining momentum in medical research because they allow research participants to participate remotely. This is especially important in circumstances when travel restrictions or physical distancing precautions prevent clinical trials at traditional research sites.

Since 2019, 1nHealth has been recruiting for DCT studies. Take a look at our experiences and see how we could enroll your DCT.

What’s different.

When 1nHealth recruits for you DCT, the difference is:

  • Results
  • Informed enrollment projections
  • Patient communication

DCT born.

In 2019 1nHealth became a company.

  • Before launching, our founding team supported recruitment for DCT CRO ObvioHealth.
  • Since then, we’ve partnered with THREAD Research as well as several CROs and Sponsors who source DCT enrollments through 1nHealth.


1nHealth provides dramatic differentiation from standard industry performance, and DCT recruitment sees outsized success.


On time and on budget enrolled in the past 12 months


Patients enrolled in the last 12 months


The industry standard enrollment rate

Informed enrollment projections.

  • AgileMatch optimizes feasibilities

When 1nHealth brings a finalized feasibility, it is informed by experience coupled with a pre-campaign process we perform specific to your DCT.

In this process, 1nHealth sees how potential patients are responding online in real time to calculate recruitment pace. Our process to validate our assumptions and quotes involves actual patient behavior and data.

Beyond recruitment basics.

Social listening.

1nHealth Community Ambassadors pay close attention and respond to social comments in real-time—measuring overall audience response to identify specific study concerns or technical issues.

These valuable insights can be used to alert the study and inform down-funnel procedures and communications.

Thoughtful execution.

1nHealth Project Managers work closely with the broader team to discover any potentially confusing steps in the user experience that, if improved, would make recruitment faster.

Language is discussed in a meeting and the recruitment timeline sees a boost as a result.

Problem solvers.

Down-funnel metrics audits happen in real-time, allowing us to actively identify DCT-metrics red flags. If there are issues with clin-ops, protocol, or messaging at screening, enrollment, or once on treatment, 1nHealth is the built-in digital partner to help solve it.