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Why participate?

Access to Preventative Treatment

You could get access to the investigational preventative treatment for 1 year.

No Cost Genetic Testing

Receive a genetic test at no cost as part of study participation.

Advance Research

Be a part of advancing research for future generations.

What can I expect?

  • We will genetically test you to see if you qualify
  • Attend 6 in-person visits and 9 remote visits over 14 months
  • Use the topical investigational preventative treatment cream, or the placebo, for 1 year

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gorlin syndrome?

Gorlin syndrome is a rare genetic condition. People with this syndrome have a higher chance of developing multiple basal cell skin cancers, especially on their face. Apart from skin cancers, those with Gorlin syndrome may also experience a variety of other manifestations, such as jaw cysts, skeletal abnormalities, large skulls, and sometimes brain tumors. 

Why do I need to be genetically tested?

This preventative treatment is designed to help people with a specific gene abnormality. If you don’t know which abnormality you have, we can find out with a genetic test at no cost to you. 

Will everyone get the actual investigational preventative treatment?

No, 50% of participants will receive the investigational preventative treatment cream and 50% of participants will receive a placebo. Neither you nor the staff at the trial site will know which you are using. 

What is the investigational preventative treatment?

Patidegib Gel is a topical cream applied to the face. It’s intended to prevent new basal cell carcinomas, or skin cancers, on the face in those with Gorlin syndrome. 

What if there aren’t sites near me?

If you participate, transportation to your nearest site, including flights, will be available for you and a caregiver

Compensation will be available for study-related travel costs.