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See what makes the patient journey better with 1nHealth.

Imagery that stops the scroll.

Patients have seen enough generic stock photos of smiling doctors. We use a sophisticated study content creation approach coupled with a deep understanding of different audiences to create ad content that looks natural on chosen platforms. This different content approach actually engages patients not actively looking to join a study, but interested in offers that resonate with them and their health state.

Copy that connects.

“Join a paid research study” does nothing to build trust and connection with a potential patient. We write ads that speak to the person, not just the condition. We know patients are asking in their heads “What’s in it for me?” Our ads frame study opportunities from the lens of a skeptical patient which catalyzes their action.

UI that works.

No more clunky forms, confusing surveys, or 404 errors. Our landing pages make it easy for potential patients to complete pre-screening surveys and share their information with study staff, but just as important: our screeners are designed to convert interested patients to potential participants. The details matter, and we optimize to make the journey as low-friction as possible.

Clear communication every step of the way.

We believe in setting expectations from the get-go to eliminate surprises—this doesn’t just build trust with patients, it creates increased engagement and follow-through. 1nHealth-recruited patients always know what’s coming next and what to expect from the study. This means fewer ignored phone calls and emails, but also increases satisfaction of site personnel knowing there’s an interested, qualified patient that’s ready for their call.

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