Different results require a different approach.

1nHealth inverts the 86% failure ratio in patient recruitment with a novel approach to digital channels, content, and follow up that leads to 90% of 1nHealth studies enrolling on time and on budget.

Our basic approach to recruitment is the same strategy that got you to this page:

  • Find the right people (You found us on Linkedin, patients are on the internet too.)
  • Get their attention (Build ads that are designed to stop the scroll)
  • Present a compelling message (For patients it’s about THEM, not about the study)
  • Show them the next step (Hint: ‘learn more’ beats “sign up now”…it’s a first date not a marriage proposal)

So it worked to get you here, but how does that approach really work with patients?

Here are 3 recent case studies:

Case Study: Site-based AFib Study

Study Paticulars
  • Difficult TA/Protocol: patients needed to be in active atrial fibrillation + agree to exercise while heart rate was tracked​
  • Traditional *and* digital ads running for 8 weeks​
  • Enrollment was off-pace by more than 60%​
1nHealth Approach
  • 1nHealth contracted to deploy centralized ​ad campaign during the second week of February​
  • Timeline that, had original campaigns ​continued as they were, had no chance ​of on-time enrollment​

Case Study: Shingles Vaccine

Study Paticulars
  • US site-based Phase 2 shingles vaccine study running in 11 sites ​
  • Recruitment had fallen behind, so 1nHealth supplemented the site recruitment effort with the goal of getting the client to phase 3 ASAP. ​
1nHealth Approach
  • 1nHealth advertised on Facebook, Google, Reddit and TikTok and fully revised all study communication / materials
  • The study experienced a drastic slow in performance at lead handoff to the site, so 1nHealth implemented its self-scheduling solution to enable higher site performance with less operational hassle​
  • Screen fail rates dropped from 42% to 33%​
  • Study reached full enrollment only 1 week delayed from original LPI target​
  • 1nHealth’s efforts saved an entire month of recruitment from Sponsor’s expected timeline, pre-engagement​

Case Study: Colon Cancer Screening

Study Paticulars
  • Decentralized Recruitment Arm of larger study​
  • Enroll 2,500+ patients aged 55-70 naïve to CS procedure​
  • Online consent + call center support​
1nHealth Approach
  • 1nHealth segmented audiences beyond the patient, placing study communication in front of loved ones and family members of those in the target patient population​
  • 1nHealth deployed ads across Facebook, Instagram, Google, Reddit, Snapchat and Pinterest, optimizing reach and presence online in real time​
  • 1nHealth exceeds recruitment expectations throughout the project, bringing in qualified participants on the promised time schedule ​
Funnel metrics expectations met or exceeded​
Potential patients engaged via digital study ads​
Qualified leads per day, leading to 7% ICF Rate​

Under Budget Projections

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