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Clinical trials industry

Trials enroll on time

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Database vs Fresh Recruitment

Someone who joined an email list or registry might have an ongoing interest in participating in a study at a later date but most likely they want to join one now. 1nHealth seeks to identify and engage the individuals who are ready to enroll in your study at the point of recruitment.

Why Are Databases Less Effective?


The most important aspect of patient engagement is “recency of interest” a pool of 1,000 qualified individuals from two weeks ago is already lost, compared to a pool of 10 qualified individuals from today.


What good are guaranteed enrollments if it’s not enough to fill a study? 1nHealth’s scalability enables the highest possible enrollment potential.


A common industry goal is raising public awareness for clinical trials. Collecting a pool of people that is exhausted over and over again limits opportunities for new patients to get involved in trials.


1nHealth does not boast a complicated solution, just a better one. It boils down to executional advantages in:



1nHealth’s machine learning algorithm is designed to answer the question: “What do patients in ______ TA look like?” To answer this, we couple sophisticated research and de-identified data to build audience personas and cohorts that have been proven to deliver more in-target patients than interest-based targeting alone. Simply put: we find the patients others ignore, because we have a novel way of seeking them out.

Expert Creative


Putting study communications in front of the right people only works if they stop and decide to participate.

In the world of digital advertising, our ads are called “thumb-stoppers,” advertisements so engaging that users feel compelled to stop scrolling and check it out.

1nHealth uses a process that leverages AgileMatch insights to uncover what patients actually engage with online and develop a breadth of study creative based on those interests.

The resulting study communication drives 4x engagement on average, which means running an ad with 1nHealth could drive 4x as many patients to your study for the same advertising spend.

AgileMatch’s specific insights: A Pre-Campaign Process

Before recruitment begins, AgileMatch deployment provides both quantitative and qualitative insights to get into the mind of the in-target patient. Built for authenticity and patient centricity: our targeting and study communications feel like it’s coming from within the community rather than being aimed AT the community. This process allows 1nHealth’s ads to reach the right patients with relevant language from the inception of the recruitment process.



Our secure, custom platform delivers interested patients to the relevant study team member the moment they pass our screener. All data is protected and distributed only to approved study personnel through an intuitive and easy-to-access portal.

Study team members who should NOT see PII/PHI still have access to an aggregated dashboard where they can track study performance in real time to see potential gaps in site performance or any adjustments to the projected enrollment timeline.

I want the full PRESENTATION

A more in-depth look at our process and novel recruitment methodologies is available via a capabilities meeting; just contact us through the “get in touch” button.