Precision Targeting 

Who You Talk To

We dive deep into the internet to find the specific participants each clinical trial needs. Using machine learning and artificial intelligence, our tools isolate users to match the exact criteria of study protocol.

While speed is important, the qualifying ratio is the crucial factor for success. We pinpoint exactly the profile your clinical trial needs.

AI-powered targeting

AI can often serve as a buzzword that really just means “more expensive,” but we’re using technology to drive real results. Digital platforms don’t allow user targeting by health state, so we developed a proprietary algorithm to create custom audiences based on non-obvious data points.

This means ads run through us are going to more relevant internet users, so you won’t be wasting your budget by promoting the study to people who would never qualify.

Unparalleled reach online

We target participants based on what they’re actually interested in, looking beyond who they are as a patient to who they are as a person.

Global capabilities

Our AI-targeting eliminates geographical limits. We can facilitate trial recruitment anywhere the internet exists (and that’s everywhere).

Expert Creative

What You Say

Putting study communications in front of the right people only works if they stop and decide to participate. This makes the ads imagery, copy and landing pages immensely important.

Ads that deliver

In the world of digital advertising, our ads are called “thumb-stoppers,” advertisements so engaging that users feel compelled to stop scrolling and check it out.

Double experts

Our team is built with ecommerce veterans who understand marketing strategy and user psychology.

Hyper-optimized assets

We build dozens of permutations of each ad and then test until we’ve found what works.

Timeline Acceleration

Enrollment Goals Met

We keep working until the last volunteer is identified. Our success comes from investigating the unexplored areas of the web, where we find our targeted audiences.

ROI-driven spend

We tailor pricing to each campaign we work on, catering to the needs of the client. Our revenue model is based on shared risk via enrollment incentives. It’ll all be tracked and we’ll show you the data.

Real-time tracking

Our 1nData platform is built to provide real-time metrics for all campaign activity. This puts you in the driver’s seat as you track results and consider the best path forward. How many people were referred to site 101 yesterday? What percentage of interested participants are DQing because of excluded medication?

Anything you want to know about the digital recruitment process will be at your fingertips in real-time as our ad campaigns deliver.

Enrollment-Based Pricing

Our pricing model is based on enrolled participants. Shared risk means we’re committed to your trial’s success.



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