Our Solutions


We target based on an individual’s habits and behaviors, not who they say they are on social media. This allows us to recruit subjects who are otherwise missed.


By leveraging big data, we offer an accelerated approach to recruiting qualified volunteers. Our campaigns perform 3 times better than traditional digital recruitment efforts.


We understand the parameters of geo-targeting. From basic demographics to refined details, we identify untouched subjects for your database.

Artwork representing a tablet and a cellphone showing connectivity for 1nHealth's volunteers

What We Do Best:
Faster, more precise and cheaper subject recruitment for clinical trials

How We Do It?
We use unique proprietary tools to reach hard-to-find volunteers, while delivering a high qualification ration and faster enrollment time. Our big data mining and enhanced online recruitment funnel – help your study achieve the desirable subject goal every time.

Our Offerings
We could never achieve success without innovative solutions

We offer: Agile Match, and BaseBuild, and Final Fill combined with a team of consultants and marketers who understand clinical research.


Need help and need it quickly?

We’re experienced at stepping up once recruitment has already begun. We input your criteria and customize our algorithm to optimize for conversions, providing you with qualified subjects in a matter of days.


1nHealth is a digital technology company that partners with CROs, sponsors and sites to provide precision subject recruitment.

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