So you’re getting referrals. What comes next?

We designed our data management software, 1nData, to help eliminate the most common concerns and funnel outages sponsors face.

1nData helps eliminate the most common funnel outages sponsors face.

Q: How do we keep from losing patient referrals?

Patient communication.

Site staff can text patients directly from 1nData, eliminating the need for third-party communication software.

Case Study Impact: CNS biotech client found in-app texting to be pivotal to their trial, listing it as their favorite 1nData feature, as it helped their patient population get more comfortable with communicating about the study without the first touchpoint being a phone call from a stranger at the research site.

Q: How do we know sites are working on our study, and which ones are doing the best?

Site-specific data.

Want to see how well each of your sites is converting patients? With 1nData, you can break data down by site so you can keep an eye on recruitment health and form insights on which sites are performing best.

Case Study Impact: A phase 3 study sponsor leveraged site data to characterize appropriate follow through with underperforming sites using specific metrics that compared struggling sites’ patient funnels with the study average and highest performing sites.

Q: How do we keep sites happy?

Disqualification metrics.

In 1nData, you can see how many referrals were disqualified and why. More insight on disqualifications means a better understanding of your study as a whole.

Case Study Impact: A Digital Therapeutics Sponsor was able to quickly identify top disqualification trends and submit a protocol amendment to remove the superfluous requirement that was impacting patient top-of-funnel flow-through.

Q: Can I keep tabs on how things are going without waiting for reports?

Real-time referral data.

See how long patients spend in each step of the funnel – from referral to consent – so you can optimize site communication and prevent patient dropout.

Case Study Impact: A biotech client engaged in a Pivotal Study leveraged 1nHealth’s funnel transit time metrics to shut recruitment off early, 1 month ahead of the planned timeline as the real-time chronology data supported the study would be full by LPI target with those already in screening.

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