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woman with vitiligo

What’s involved?

  • 13 in-person visits to your local study site
  • 52 weeks of treatment
  • Get the chance to use a new investigational medication at no cost
  • You could receive up to $845-$1300 for your time and participation

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the investigational medication?

The investigational medication, called VYN201, is a topical gel treatment. It’s designed to be applied to the skin once a day to treat vitiligo.

How long is the clinical study?

The study is up to 60 weeks in total. The screening period, where we ensure you’re a good fit for the study, is up to 4 weeks; then 52 weeks of the treatment period; then 4 weeks of follow-up.

Is there a placebo?

Yes. For the first 24 weeks of the treatment period, you’ll have a 25% chance of receiving the placebo. For the next 28 weeks, all participants will receive the investigational medication.

What is a placebo?

A placebo is a treatment that is not active. In clinical trials, we give some people a placebo and some people the investigational drug, then compare the two to see if the study drug works.

Does it cost anything to participate?

No, there is no cost to participate, and you don’t need to have insurance.

How much is the compensation?

Compensation will vary depending on your local study site. You could receive $65-$100 for each study visit. That could add up to $845-$1300 in total, if you attend every visit.

Do I have to complete a daily diary?

As part of the study, you’ll need to complete a short daily diary entry.

Woman with vitiligo
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